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Brazilian Mom and Daughter Fighting Over Black Dicks! - December 22, 2011 by admin

Jenny and Monica Santiago Brazilian Mother Daughter Interracial threesome!

So I go down to Brazil to find a couple of hoes to fuck, and I end up with this Mother Daughter Jenny and Monica!

Brazilian beach orgy party!

I couldn’t believe the chunky brown booty – definitely like mother like daughter when it comes to these horny ass Brazilian sluts! I wanted to squeeze each cheek and then pull them apart and push my big black cock deep inside their assholes and give them something to call home about! Monica and Jenny I Fucked You and Your Mom!

Bisexual mother daughter fucking with Brazilian sluts!

Cocksucking with Jenny and Monica Santiago!

One of these two Brazilian sluts was going to get a face full of my thick wad of cum – I just didn’t know they would start swapping spit and slurping my dick until I exploded all over their faces! Shit – this Brazilian mother daughter tag team started licking each other’s faces to get all of my juice! Hell, with bitches in heat like these two – pack your bags and book a vacation down for some Latin pussy! You know you want to be the next guy in line who gets to spout off I Fucked You and Your Mom!

Brazilian Mother Daughter Annifer and Joyce Bisexual Fucking! - November 17, 2011 by admin

Brazilian Mother and Daughter Fight over my black dick!

Brazilian mother and daughter, look at these two Annifer and Joyce Oliverira. Showing off their titties, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree here! Then when they both started talking like they wanted to fuck my black cock, I was wondering if I’m on some dumb game show or something. This kinda shit doesn’t happen to me normally. Nope – they both wanted to show me their big Brazilian butts, and then their pink pussies. It didn’t take me long to figure out I wanted to fuck both sluts!

Fucking in the hot Brazilian sun orgy style!

Black dicks and latin chicks fucking outdoors!

Mother daughter Brazilian threesomes, head down to Brazil and try it some time, you’ll love how hot your dick gets covered in Latin pussy juice! Annifer spreads her big fat brown round MILF ass, and Joyce grabs my dick and pushes it into her mom’s tight butthole! Can you believe this shit? I couldn’t, so I had to go back for seconds and thirds! Check out I Fucked You and Your Mom!

Big Booty Brazilian MILFS! - October 29, 2011 by admin

You never know where you’ll find Horny Latin MILFS! Hell, I found one out in my own damn back yard! I needed a cleaning lady and hired Carmelita Lopez. I offered her the back guesthouse on the condition she gave me some pussy. Damn, didn’t take long for this big ass Brazilian slut to show me what I was paying for!

I couldn’t wait to see what else she was gonna offer, turns out I didn’t have long to wait, because she’s down on her knees, pulling out my dick and planting big wet tongue licks all over my cock! Damn, hot mouth working overtime!

Carmelita Lopez, remember her name, because her Latin ass is gonna be all over the internet with the way she fucks! Check out more of these mature sluts by dropping in to visit Horny Latin MILFS!

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