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Anal Orgy Party Deep Inside Brazilian Sluts! - December 24, 2011 by admin

Beach banging Brazilian Orgy party!

So I head down to the condo in Brazil and met up with a couple of homies. We’re sitting around, getting drunk, having a few smokes, wondering where we can find some Brazilian pussy and out of the blue a group of chunky ass Brazilian babes walk on by. We invite them over for a swim, and the next thing you know they’re pulling our dicks out of our pants and lined up sucking a line of cocks!

Cocksucking Brazilian babes oral sluts!

Outdoor Brazilian sexfest!

Man, all these hoes in heat wanted to do was FUCK! I ain’t never seen anything like it. You’d start fucking one slut and another girl would bend over in front of you and tell you she wanted a piece of your dick too! pussy ass, ass pussy, you never knew who you were fucking, you just knew you were cracking some Brazilian girl’s tight asshole! I finally figured I’d just pump some brown mound full of cum, and she’d be dripping jizz. I hope we find these sluts again when we visit the condo! Check out the full-length video from those kinky ass dudes at Filth Freaks, Brazil Bang!

Anal fucking Brazilian orgy sluts!

Brazilian Mom and Daughter Fighting Over Black Dicks! - December 22, 2011 by admin

Jenny and Monica Santiago Brazilian Mother Daughter Interracial threesome!

So I go down to Brazil to find a couple of hoes to fuck, and I end up with this Mother Daughter Jenny and Monica!

Brazilian beach orgy party!

I couldn’t believe the chunky brown booty – definitely like mother like daughter when it comes to these horny ass Brazilian sluts! I wanted to squeeze each cheek and then pull them apart and push my big black cock deep inside their assholes and give them something to call home about! Monica and Jenny I Fucked You and Your Mom!

Bisexual mother daughter fucking with Brazilian sluts!

Cocksucking with Jenny and Monica Santiago!

One of these two Brazilian sluts was going to get a face full of my thick wad of cum – I just didn’t know they would start swapping spit and slurping my dick until I exploded all over their faces! Shit – this Brazilian mother daughter tag team started licking each other’s faces to get all of my juice! Hell, with bitches in heat like these two – pack your bags and book a vacation down for some Latin pussy! You know you want to be the next guy in line who gets to spout off I Fucked You and Your Mom!

Brazilian Big Butt Beach Orgy! - December 4, 2011 by admin

Fucking Orgy Party in the Brazilian Heat!

Brazilian orgies! There’s only one reason to head down to Brazil, and it’s to get a piece of all this big brown Brazilian ass! Check it out! The booty on these girls, Camilla, Darlene Amaro, Layla Brazil, Lynette, Sheila and Michele keeps your dick in a state of stiff all damn night!

Interracial orgy with Big booty Brazilian sluts!

I was damn tired til I got a look at the ass on these sluts! Damn, and they love anal fucking hell, they didn’t even wait til their pussy got a dick, they wanted to get their tight rosy buttholes filled with big black meat right away!

Mother Daughter interracial bisexual fucking!

There was Brazilian ass everywhere! You’d get done fucking one slut, and another Latina ho would come on over and climb up on your dick til she started cumming! I couldn’t believe this shit, it was the first time I had been in a Brazilian Orgy! My dick was sore for a day after these Brazilian babes were done riding me, but if you want to sink your nuts into tight ass Brazilian sluts then plan a vacation down to do some sight-seeing with the groupsex girls from Big Butt Brazilian Beach Orgy!

Bubble Butt Orgy party round the world with brown booty hoes!

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